Thursday, September 1, 2011

Michael Reed McLaughlin

I was recently contacted by an author, Michael Reed McLaughlin,


through and asked if, since I marked his book as a "to-read" book on my list, would I like to receive a free copy of it (via e-reader) in exchange for reviewing it.....

Just to let you all know that I am a big fan of where I have not only found so many books, but also new authors and many many friends who have the same likes in reading as I do...and some who dont but have introduced me to different genres of books.

So I responded to Mr. McLaughlin's request with a "glad to do it" attitude because 1. I am interested in his book and 2. I love doing reviews on books I read as you can read on my pages here.  

His book, Pieces of Eight, will be next on my look for my review ......

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  1. I have done a "Give-a-Way before. I asked people to "follow" my blog.
    Here is the link. I hope you can gather an idea for it.
    I also used to pick the number. You can download the widget to your Blog. AND somehow other bloggers have gotten the number and then have been able to show everyone the number. I couldn't figure that one out, but I do think it is important, maybe you can, and then tell me!