Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Do you read them?  Or do you collect them?  I was always a big magazine reader...then I got into books and somehow although I love magazines, I find I collect them, they sit on the coffee table until the next issue comes out.....of course, I recycle.....bringing them into the office and putting them in the staff room for others.....but, sometimes they just go unread by me....

So I have stopped all subscriptions except Woman's Day and of course my bead magazines..........what magazines are you into...and do you really read them?


  1. I'm a freak when it comes to magazines. I tell myself I won't renew, then I do...and they accumulate for months and months. Right now I'm subscribed to:
    Good Housekeeping
    Better Homes & Gardens
    Entertainment Weekly
    The Week
    plus several writing-related magazines


    I'm just as bad with accumulating books that I intend to read and review or just read with no obligation to review. I need more bookshelves...or more willpower to resist them.

  2. That is why I got a Kindle...load of books on it all in one place. Havent put any magazines on it..probably because not all magazines are on have those laying around...but it really took care of my book problem...