Monday, September 19, 2011

Children who run Amuck......

Is there really a word - amuck?  not sure, but my point today's world and having a job in a city school I see so many times parents and children who come in and the child is left to do whatever he or she wants.  I have often said nicely to parents, "Please watch your child."  but to no avail.

Sometimes I actually raise my voice and tell the child "Stop kicking the counter!"  Dont these parents hear their children kicking the counter and make them stop or are they oblivious to what their child is even doing.  Children today dont have respect for anyone but we find this is so because parents fail to teach them respect.......


  1. I know what you mean. I often find myself watching over others' children because their parents are ignoring them. It's awkward because don't they see a perfect stranger is having to help them with something or tell them not to do something bad? And I have my own 2 year old to watch so it's hard.

  2. We shouldnt have to watch or correct other people's children...but it is what happens....and if they cant control them at this age what will happen when they are child is an angel...but people always said my children were very respectful and listened....they were wasnt easy - raising children is the hardest job ever.


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