Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The older I get and more I seek quiet, solitude...relaxation.....I was part of a large family of aunt, uncles, cousins, etc. and when I started my own family, it was large too...five children, one dog and a father in law.

It was a great time, constant moving around, children and friends in and out all times of the day....but now they all have their own lives, although they all live not too far we downsized to a smaller house and it is just the two of us.....and I love the quiet.....reading, relaxing...a cup of coffee....this is how I start my morning (when not working)..........

My patio and a cup of coffee.....listening to the morning I selfish?


  1. Yep, just like the rest og us. We retired in 2004 and I love not having to deal with people. I like being able to do what I want when I want.

  2. no, you're not deserve what you desire. Now us on the other hand, tried the empty nest route, and didn't like it. so we now take in foster kids, and adopted our 10 year old daughter 4 years ago. I am 51 and my husband is 70, and still love the noise and chaous.

  3. Bless you both...I have no more strength...although when we feel the empty nest syndrome, we can get rid of it by having the grandchildren over....all 6 of them, all boys....and boy #7 due in I guess we have the best of both worlds....


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