Friday, August 12, 2011

SAHM, WAHM or WM you know what I am writing about?  Up to  a few weeks ago I had no idea what these initials were.....upon doing some investigating....I found

SAHM = stay at home mom
WAHM = work at home mom
WM = working mom (just made that up, not sure what you would call a mom who works on the outside)....since I believe all moms work...the hardest job is being a mom; but its the most rewarding...

I was a stay at home mom for 15 years, raising my five children.....loved it, hubby wanted it...and besides, couldnt find someone who would watch all it worked for me.....

And then college came along....sending five to college put a strain on us and I decided it was time to go back to work.....hubby wasnt happy but I picked a job (a was a secretary before the kids) I loved and better yet, I got my license to work in a school....thereby having the same hours as the kids and the same days worked....if fact I am still at the same school, nearing retirement....I would like to be a WAHM - so I have started a part time jewelry business online and hopefully with retirement nearby....I will become one....a WAHM, that is.

So, what are you? and do you love it? If not, what would you like to change?


  1. at different times in my life, I was all 3. but I prefer the SAHM, even though since I'm a therapeutic foster mom, I'm also a WAHM, lol

  2. I was the same about all those abbreviations too. My younger friends got a kick out of my bumbling around until I got the hang of it all . I was a SAHM for years and I consider it the hardest and best work I have ever done. Then, I went back to work when all the kids were in school,I got a job as a teacher and had the same hours and vacations as our was great but still hard to balance work and home !

  3. I also have been all three, but have always prefered SAHM/WAHM. I have had a couple of at home businesses at different times, with the current one being the busiest! It takes a lot of planning to manage the biz, the house and the kids, but I still enjoy it more than working away from home. I know my kids have faired well by having me available.

  4. @Nonna...same here, took a job working in a school as a secretary but needed credits to keep my license, so along with home, and work I went to school two nights a week...but I did it. Thats why when the kids complained about the school fallback was..."thats all you have to do, is go to school, nothing else" ... If I could do all 3, then you can do just

  5. I was a WM after my first and now I'm a SAHM. Definitely enjoy (most of the time) being a SAHM more. However, I did not have a career nor a job that I entirely loved as a WM either. I think being a WAHM would be a huge challenge. But I don't know.....haven't experienced that one...yet.

  6. @January...I agree WAHM have it hard because you must be disciplined to set aside that time to actually work...and I am not, although I try to work on my jewelry as often as possible, I still get distracted. Maybe when I retire from my full time job I will actually have the time to put aside for my Home Business....