Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Countdown to work.....

I am one of the lucky ones who work in a school.  While I am not a teacher...this is a job that amazes me....teaching my children is one thing, teaching in a school is a massive job and my hat is off to those wonderful people who do this tremendous job......I am a secretary.  I took this job because I have always been a secretary but quit to be a SAHM to my five children.  Loved being home, raising them.....taking them back and forth to school...those were the days.  I loved being with other mothers and out of it grew many a friendship.

Then college loomed it was back to work for me....I picked a school (for those who dont know, NYC public schools require us to be licensed and have credits under our belt before working at this job) and while running a family of five children, hubby, father in law and a dog....I worked during the day and went to school at night.  It was trying but I did it....and loved the idea that I was able to be home during the summer and holidays with my children.

My only problem is being off for two months, while it is great, makes it harder for me to return to work.....I know I sound like I am complaining and I really have nothing to complain about....but while I read blogs about getting the children ready to return to school.....I laugh, since I often feel that I am in that category......

So here I am....the countdown until I return on Tuesday...for another school's hoping everyone's year is delightful, enriching and most of all, filled with good health.

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  1. I've always thought a school job would be great, for the hours. I could never be a teacher (altho I've been a Girl Scout leader, Sunday School leader, etc), but a school office job would be nice. I have a friend who retired from a non-school job and became a sub for school office positions. She loves it. The hours are great and she can say "no" to times she doesn't want to work.

    Good luck with the new year!

    (And thank you for having a Name/URL option!) :o)