Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here they come....Part 1

A few pictures to wet your desire to go on a cruise....had a great time and plan to do it again, hopefully next year.....

Leaving NYC aboard the NCL Gem.....the sun was out and this picture showed us what we were in for.....days of relaxation, sun and fun aboard a huge ship filled with people who will be doing everything for us.....I can do that!......Part 2 tomorrow......


  1. Thanks for posting pictures. Look forward to more! Glad you had a good time. We are actively searching for our next cruise for Feb '12!

  2. @Becky....let me know where, we already put a deposit down on the next one....cant decide where to go though, so am looking too...cant go until I am on vacation July 2012...but it is something to look forward to.