Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bermuda Cruise - Part 5

 So when we reach Bermuda we have 3 days to explore it.  We did take a bus tour that took us from Kings Wharf where we docked, through Hamilton, where we shopped, and the to St. George where we had lunch.....

The first bus we took the air conditioning broke down, so we road to Hamilton where we switched buses and managed to feel alot cooler.
 I was also amazed at the "slowness" of the island.  Nothing was rushed, everyone was relaxed and it rubbed off on us....this takes you back to the old horse and carriage must have been less stressful....
 We stopped for lunch in St. George and here hubby is reading the menu......everything was expensive....but we were on vacation and treated ourselves this day....then back to the ship for our meals.
 If you didnt want to tour by bus, there were taxis who were willing to take you wherever you wanted to go....stay with you until you finished shopping or touring......everyone was so happy, smiling and polite....made you feel good.
I took this picture just to show the colors of this lovely boat which was another way to tour the island.....Bermuda itself is only 21 miles............but is so full of life it wants to make you stay forever.....

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