Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stay At Home Moms....

Where are you?  Do you exist?  I have been reading some great blogs from stay at home moms.  I am amazed that they still exist.....I was one back in the 70s because this is what I chose to do.  I didnt have my first child until 29....and wanted several.....had five....and of course even though I chose to stay at home with them (something I have never regretted) I often wonder what would have happened if I worked instead.  First of all, I am sure I would not have had a babysitter...who would have watched 5 children.....and family was not around to I guess it was a good choice to stay home.

I did finally start to work when my youngest entered the 4th grade.....I chose to work in a public school so that I was home on the days they were off....Hubby had a flexible schedule and of course my father-in-law lived with us at that they were never latchkey children.

It also helped that the school I worked in was 4 blocks away.  I know today it is hard raising a family on one salary....but we did do it.....granted we did not take elaborate vacations...having settled for the beach, aquariums, parks, and zoos....there was even a time we didnt have a car and resorted to public transportation to get around....but I still do not regret staying home with my children and feel very blessed to have been part of their lives through it.  You see, I ended up being the "go-to" house......all the kids went to my house.....those were the it is too quiet sometimes.....

So, before this blog never question is...."Are you a stay at home Mom?"  and how do you feel about it?

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