Friday, June 3, 2011

Remodeling the Bathroom

So we went online and ordered the above vanity, top, mirror and faucet for the bathroom on the main level.  Love the sleek look and it should be delivered by next week.  Now have to look for floor tiles, and a toilet.  It is a small bathroom only used by when we are on the main floor.  The full bathroom is upstairs and will have to wait to be done.  But since company uses the  one on the main floor.....thought it would be good to start there.

Its a small area and in need of a facelift......So they gutted it to follow....and will return again to start the work.  Meantime, today I received an email that the lovely items I ordered are highly in demand and therefore, are on back order...........estimated delivery.......July 6th..........can I go without a bathroom that long....dont think with heavy heart I cancelled the order and now have to start from scratch looking for something we both like..............

It will be a busy weekend............more to follow


  1. I know exactly what you are going through. We are remodeling our master bath, it is gutted, and workers will be here tomorrow to start putting it back together again. In the meantime, we have moved into a spare bedroom and the second bathroom. I so hope it does not take very long to finish it. Also involved in 3 simultaneous makeovers of some furniture that I've wanted to paint for a while. I'll be posting pictures of those projects online soon. Have a great weekend and I hope you find the perfect thing for your bathroom redo.

  2. The worker told me there would be dust....he didnt say how much....It is all over and driving me crazy....should I just wait till the end...but I sometimes sit down and see it clinging to a table and must clean it, because it bothers me...hope it is all done by Fathers Day...


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