Sunday, June 5, 2011

Remodeling the Bathroom Part 2

Everyday while I go to work, the men come in and work on my bathroom.  It is small....just a sink and I worked and they came in and did this..........

So now for the next week we will climb upstairs to go to the bathroom......until it is all done....How can such a little bathroom cause so much kitchen has items from that room, all over and the new stuff adorns my dining room.............and the dust is everywhere.....I went over the furniture last night with a Swiffer and had to use two of them....cant walk barefooted because it dust is everywhere.......

Next, on Monday they will install the sheetrock...then do the taping, at least I already bought the vanity, medicine cabinet, toilet bowl, towel rack, toilet paper rack and tiles for the floor...........which are all over the house...some downstairs, some in the kitchen and some in the dining room.  How can remodeling one little room cause such disturbance all over the house?

But I am trying to keep an eye on the big beautiful it will look when it is all done......hopefully by the end of the week..........and I want to do the upstairs bathroom?  I am exhausted from this......


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one picture taking of the progress! Just haven't taken the time to post them yet! Isn't the renovation exciting though? I mean, yes, it's aggravating to have things strung all over the house, and have dust all over the house, but it's so exciting!

  2. Good luck with the renovation. It will be well worth it!

  3. Thanks...know it will in the end..but have no @Becky.. will be taking pictures when all result is what counts...

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