Thursday, June 16, 2011

I did it again....

I skipped a day of blogging.....what happened to Wednesday?  Here it is Thursday and I realized I wasnt here yesterday..  What happened?  Mmmm...went to work, had a hectic usual time to leave was extended by two hours because the computer that is supposed to help make my work easier....kept crashing.....and the boss said the work must get I stayed later and got most of it out.......I decided to finish it at home....and guess, what......the site was not up and running.......

So I ran over to my grandson's baseball game...since his playoffs were definitely more important than some crummy work.....and stayed out in the fresh air watching the game.  They lost but we all had fun.

So when I finally got home I was too pooped to get online to read my emails, or visit my blog, or write, or Facebook or I went to bed....Sorry I missed you yesterday, but will definitely get back on the horse......I promise.....really, I will....


  1. I understand completely. Worked on the car two days, went to the beach and then cleaned the sand out of the car today.
    I missed four days, but at least I enjoyed myself.

  2. heheh I know that feeling, and when I skip one day I feel a little sad and I guess somehow I have to do something to make it up.


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