Thursday, June 9, 2011


Are you on the East did you feel today?  What did you do to keep cool?

I went from an air conditioned an air conditioned an air conditioned office.....when I left work, I stopped off at an air conditioned supermarket.....and then drove home to my air conditioned house.

So technically I wasnt why do I feel like this?

Maybe because the temperature was high...............................
Well, it didnt hit 100 but close to it....and in order to get to all those air conditioned places, you had to walk through the heat.......but I do love the summer better than the winter we had this past are you handling the heat??


  1. I'm not handling it well at all. My bedroom a.c. is on the fritz, and only works half the time. I've got asthma, so the air quality hasn't helped a bit. I hate summer in the city.

  2. I usually wait for summer with the anticipation of a child. Tubing, swimming, body boarding, kids home and the daily activities of summer. This year has been exceptionally hot here in Texas, to the point it is almost miserable to be outside. I hope we get some tropical moisture soon to cool us down.