Saturday, June 25, 2011

FRIENDSHIP - How do you define it?

Many of us go down this road called life passing through the lives of many other people either casually or for a short time.  But how many of us have had a friend for over 30 years.  Well I am proud to say I have....we met each other when our boys first started Kindergarten...and have been friends ever since.


And on Thursday night we celebrated her Retirement was bittersweet, because we were not only friends but also co-workers, so I will miss her terribly since I saw her everyday.  We talked on the phone for hours even when we saw each other at work......and now although I am happy she is at this time of her life....I am also sad......

We went to a beautiful restaurant, where people - including me - said great things about her.  One thing about my friend is she is never, ever lost for words.  Sometimes she talks too much....but on this night when asked to say a few words.....well, she couldnt even talk...we were all choked up....but I wish her a restful retirement since there has been much chaos in her life lately.....and more important, good health......I will miss her at work......but will forever be her friend and will not lose contact.......

Have a great day......some day I will be blogging about my retirement....soon....

Are you retired?  How do you feel about it?


  1. Good post Bubbe !

    I love retirement and being able to be my own boss for a change !

  2. I have 2 friends that I have known for 36 years, and 41 years, respectively. There is nothing like those dear friendships.
    I am not really retired, but stopped working because of disability. I have missed the working life, for sure.

  3. @Barbara/ that is long but I find long friendships are great, you dont pretend...just say what is on your mind...she always understands my moods...its great...