Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cellphones - Cant live with them; cant live without them

I often wonder how we even managed years ago without cell phones. How were we so disconnected from one another.....or.....are we now too connected to each other.  Do cell phones annoy you or do go bonkers when you leave it at home accidentally? 

Why do we feel like we are missing a part of ourselves if we do not have our cell on us?  Do you resent shutting it off when you are in an area, i.e. hospital, court house, etc., where they tell you that you must shut off your phone?

I sometimes hate having that link between me and anyone else.  Why cant I be alone?  Were we ever alone.  I am lucky in a way because I work  in a school that insists we do not use our cells during class time.....that means at only lunch can I use I have gotten used to turning off my cell.  But all around me I see people in stores, cars, buses, walking on the streets......using their cells....I have even seen them in the movies...texting......why are we so attached to them?

Do you feel you cant live without your cell? Your opinion matters....tell me how your feel about cell phones.....

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