Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BESTeams Feature - Mysticwynd

On March 8, 2011 I did a feature on Mysticwynd and at that time I featured some of her quaint and funky items in her store.  What I didnt write about is that she is our Captain.  Yes, she is the mother of bloggers who keeps us on our toes and guides us along the way.  When I joined BESTeams in December of 2010 I never knew what went into a team like this.  Karen puts her heart and soul into running this Team....she is always there to help guide us through this social network and somehow she keeps track of all of us - like a mother hen......

And in between her big job taking care of us, she runs a great shop....

I can list every items she has in her store.....but there would be no room...even my favorites outnumber the space....but here are some I just love......but you can see all her beautiful handcrafted items by clicking here.....

Are you an Etsy shop owner?  You, too, can benefit from a great team experience. You are invited to visit and learn more about Besteam. We support our team members by promoting each others shops via our blogs, twitter, facebook and whatever social networking we are into.
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  1. Just joined the team and looking forward to Mysticwind's advice as well :)