Saturday, June 11, 2011

Been away for two days....

Well, not exactly away...but busy and tired.....the week at work (in a school) has been hectic as anyone who works in a school knows.  This is the wind down and there is so much to the usual conferences, reorganization, awards ceremonies, graduation, stepping up, dance festivals, tests and parties......then going home to take care of grandkids, cook, homework and in the middle of it all...the bathroom renovation.  Pictures will be coming soon....still waiting for the grout to dry and all should be ready to decorate tomorrow.

In the meantime, I also planted the flowers I bought, managed to buy new phones because the house phones died, .....still have to mop the floor tonight for all the dust that is all over the place. I think I will wait for the next renovation......the only good thing is that this weekend has been one job - watering the plants got done by mother nature.....and while indoors I didnt feel deprived of being outside relaxing....

So what's happening with you this weekend?  Getting ready for Father's Day?  The Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team will be starting next week.....I love summer.....have a good night and be well all.


  1. I'm ending my weekend with a hot bath and Season Three of The Tudors!

  2. I was so happy for Friday to finally get here. Where did the weekend go so fast?