Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am sitting here in front of my laptop trying to think of a subject to write about and I sit here with writer's block.  Now I know how authors feel.  It is such a lost feeling.  I am full of ideas....why cant I write about them.  Maybe it was the hectic weekend I had.....should I write about that?  ......or is it there is nothing to write about....

My grandson celebrated his 3rd birthday
It was Mother's Day
I got to see my children
I got to see my grandchildren......................there should be something I want to write about.

I did a search online for topics to blog about and came up with I leave you with this note.....when there is nothing to write about, then write about nothing.  Nothing is is not controversial, it is not boring......everyone has a period where they can think of nothing......

Nothing doesnt get you into much trouble...I would like to say it doesnt get you into any trouble, but there have been people who have gotten into trouble by doing or saying that doesnt work.

Nothing should be something you want to do when you have nothing to do......or want to do when you have something to do, but want to do nothing.

So on that note......what is your nothing?  Do you ever do nothing?  or wish you had nothing to do?  or do nothing even when you have something to do?

Think about it......and get back to me....would love to hear your comments on nothing.

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  1. I do lots of nothing; so much so, that nothing gets in my way, thereby impeding something.

    Hehe, like what you wrote about nothing.