Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Clean is Clean?

I have just read the most wonderful blog entitled "I Give My Friends a Messy House" by Mollie Hemingway where she delights us with the antics of friends who dont mind that their house is messy.

Being a mother of five children I can sure relate on messy houses.  Mine was never a model home with toys and clothes strewn all over the place.  But mine was the "go to" house.  Where all the kids came and felt comfortable and wanted to be at.

I remember growing up too when I wanted to be in my aunt's house more than home because my mom was a "neat freak" and my aunt just let it all hang out.  Grandma used to say "A messy house is a happy house." - and I always remembered that.  My most happy times were with the people who did not fret over the fact that a spilled a drink or dropped the chips on the floor.  So I raised my family the same way. 

I always thought that once my children were grown and out of the house I would have the model home.  Everything in it's place.....but then the grandkids came along and I am back where I started.....letting them have the run of the place.....but very often I hear one of them say to me "Can we live here?"......and that puts a smile on my face.

So while I dont have the perfect home, I have a happy home....content to live life free of the worry of materials things....instead concentrating on the smiles, the laughter and well being mentally and spiritually of the people I love.

How was your life growing up? and do you fret over spilled milk?  I hope not because life is to short to worry about minor mishaps....


  1. Oh this was so good for me to read right now! Thank you so much for the poem you shared with me yesterday. I love it!

  2. I grew up in a pig sty which caused me a serious case of OCD. I am so much better now and there are so many more important things to do like creating memories with my husband; kids and grand kids. I still want a clean house but I am okay with messy.

  3. I am okay also with messy but not so much dirty. My husband grew up with in home that turned out a couple of cases of OCD also. I can see how an obsessed mother can create that in her children when they grow up. I think my home was more relaxed and happier. And my brother and I turned out happier and more reasonable about our homes.