Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are finally home and relaxing?  The day started early by arriving at the hospital by 7:30 because the procedure was scheduled for 8:30.....but that wasnt going to be because the internist never faxed over the blood results from last week....he said he did, but the hospital never got it...So they decided instead of waiting for the doctor to get in, they would take more blood....and in the middle of doing so, the internist arrived with the results.....ok,  this delayed the procedure until 10 am...........

I stayed in the waiting room....and couldnt find a decent cup of coffee so I drank my bottle of water and read until 12 noon.......not only being hungry but also had a whopping headache from caffeine withdrawal.  I finally opened my mouth and was allowed to go into the recovery room after speaking to the doctor...who said all went well.  Hubby was a little groggy, but we continued on where he got breakfast, got dressed and was signed out with papers and prescriptions.

But as luck would have it....all was not well.  There was a problem with hubby not being able to back to the doctor where they inserted a catheter.....and all I can say is - good thing men dont have babies......I will be playing nurse for the next couple of days so I might not be blogging often.

He is resting (sleeping) now and it is quiet in the house so thought I would catch up on emails, etsy orders and blogging.....with my second cup of coffee to chase away the headache.....It's going to be some weekend......


  1. oh my. I hope he gets better quick. You're right, men are babies, but what would we do without them? lol

  2. Hope your husband is recovering well. Prayers for you guys!
    Heartfelt Balance Handmade Life

  3. Thank you so much...the good news is that there is nothing next post scheduled for tomorrow will fill you in....