Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zombie Mom Comics - Eating in peace

Zombie Mom Comics - Eating in peace

Does any mother ever eat in peace?  Having had five, I dont remember.  It was bits and pieces here and the stove, at the counter....there was way too much to do and no time to sit down and have a dinner.

but then again that's life with a they are all grown....what is the excuse?  Grandkids.....even when I sit, I get up and do.......

How about you?  How do you eat while taking care of your family?


  1. I have my hubby take to out to a nice restaurant. :)
    - ourhometoyours

  2. Good read! I enjoyed this post! =)

  3. Hi Agnes,

    I have three teens and they are involved in so many after school and weekend activities, I feel like I hardly see them. But I do try to have us all sit down for family dinners at night. Its the one time we can all connect and check in as a family.

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    Holly Hamann
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  4. Eat in peace? Ha! I don't eat until they are done just in case they don't finish it, then I eat. Waste not,.... Grandkids? I'm doomed.

  5. Hi,

    That is so true. I swore I would never be that mom that didn't sit down, but something always seems to come up.

    Tonight is a rare event for me. I am throwing a little spontaneous dinner party and all the prep work is finished two hours ahead.

    I am sitting down to relax. Amazing.