Saturday, April 9, 2011


I recently opened my email to find someone who is following me through Networked Blogs.....great, need more followers there......check the right side of this blog, scroll down and please follow.

BUT, strangely enough when I clicked on her name to return the follow.....I found she follows 111 blogs and writes 1 blog......but she is keeping it a "secret" why would she do that.

I love to follow blogs as much as having people follow mine and would very much like to know what makes "absent blogger" tick.  So, without mentioning names, please let me link to your blog and see what's in your blog these to share and hope you do too......why would you follow and not let us follow?

I am so curious as to why someone would keep their blog a secret.  Isnt that the reason to tell the world your thoughts, feelings, wishes, dreams and inspiration.  Your everyday life, your battles and your triumphs......??  Can anyone give me an answer as to why someone would hide their blog?


  1. A now a few people who do. They may write just for close family and friends and not feel comfortable sharing their private lives with a basically a bunch of strangers.

    She may also not be after followers if she is just writing for family but still enjoys reading blogs that she likes.

  2. and that should be know not now...horrible speller here I am.

  3. Never thought of it that way! thanks, I dont feel so offended now....guess I should be glad she wants to follow me :)

    (dont worry about spelling! I knew what you meant.. lol)