Friday, April 22, 2011

In Honor of Earth Day....My Two Cents

....the question for today is: "When did waste start?" Are we so pre-occupied with getting better, getting farther, getting richer, getting bigger that we dont care how we get there.....move over, make room for ME......

And in doing so we have raped the Earth of its beauty and left in its place - WASTE.  So why dont we Recycle and Reuse  - is it so hard to do?  Make today the beginning of LOVING the Earth back....all it takes is that first step.

Turn us green.......especially with the start of Spring......

Love the Earth and it will love you back................and feel free to add Your Two Cents.....


  1. wow nice details shared for earth day .really interesting this post and fantastic this post . i like it

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  3. hi agnes..thanks for contributing something for earth day.. the greens are so precious..nowadays, people like to cement up the earth in their house-front, so no greens can be planted, such a sorry state. have a nice day

  4. Nice post, great reading!
    Happy Earth Day, Good Friday, and Easter :)

  5. nice to hear other handcrafters are recyclers! Have a good day, {:-Deb

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