Friday, April 29, 2011


Everyone has one....if not they have one on their phone.  I have an iphone....great camera....but I would like YOUR opinion on a great camera.  This year's cruise I will be taking loads of pictures and not sure what kind of camera to use.  I have my phone.....then I have a small point and shoot Casio Exilim 8 mp.....and then I also have my Olympus LSR E520......which I love but it is a bit cumbersome and heavy.....

I love taking close up pictures, but the Casio doesnt do a good job and my Olympus has to be set to too many different settings to use.  I read a blog about the Lumix DMC-ZS10 that seems to take great's over $400....over my budget right now.  Especially since the Olympus set me back some money.

Might look into a cheaper Lumix for now.....Any suggestions?  What do you use for your pictures?  And how do you like it?


  1. I have both the Canon PS90 ( and the Nikon D40x ( I love them both in that they have a really fast shutter speed and they take great shots even on auto shoot. I like the Nikon better if I'm taking really focused shots and being kind of picky, but it gets to be a bit big to take along places. The PS90 fits in my bag and I can just take it out anywhere and still know that I'll get a good photo.

  2. I am no camera expert, I'm just happy when I get crystal clear shots with minimal work! I just bought a Nikon Coolpix on clearance for about $200, and so far I'm quite pleased!! :)

  3. @simply smitten...I just saw an ad at Radio Shack for a Nikon Coopix, with memory card and a case - all for $149.....think thats a great sale...will look into it...thanks, will let you know what I buy.

  4. The one I have is the Coolpix L110. I've seen different styles, some smaller and more compact. Mine looks like a more expensive camera... but isn't! ;) Have fun camera shopping!