Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Busy

I guess you have been wondering what happened to me.....well, it has been busy time over at my house.  With the Passover holiday starting tonight I did not have time to blog, or even set up blogs for future dates (like I do for the weekends) I am just dropping by to let you know you wont hear from me for the next two days......because....

I will be busy......I did take pictures of all the cooking I did, but wont be posting them until Wednesday night......If I do get a chance sometime today I will try to do future posts...but dont count on it.  On my way out the door for last minute things (and a quick doc appt).....and then will set the table and wait for the kids and grandkids to come over.

So, to all my Jewish friends.....a Zeisen happy and healthy......and to my Christian friends....a Happy Easter coming up next weekend....I will be back soon.....

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