Thursday, March 31, 2011

Secret Daughter

I am 76% done with a book I downloaded on my Kindle ..... when I originally downloaded it I wasnt sure I would even be interested in it.....But it came I tried it even though the author, Shilpi Somaya Gowda wrote this book as her first time novel.

BUT Ms. Gowda outdid herself in this story......and I am hoping to finish up this book tonight.....It's India.....Imagine your husband is unhappy about your giving birth to a girl baby....imagine he kills that child....what would you do?  Your second child is a girl too....but somehow you keep it away from your husband, and give it to an orphanage....your third child is a boy and hubby is ok with that.

This is a story of a mother's anguish about giving away her daughter...does a day ever go by when she doesnt think about's a story about another couple in the US who could not have children; they adopt the little girl given away to the orphanage.....will these lives ever intertwine?  Will mom find her daughter.....with mom lose her daughter?  

If there is only one book you read this year......pick this one wont be disappointed....emotional, heart wrenching, moving, and thought provoking.


  1. You know I dont read very much :(
    I used to read before I got married, then, well other things took the place of reading.
    This sounds like a good book though, something that I would be interested in. Thank you for the review! Do you do this every Thursday? If so, I will always try to check your blog out, if not in between times :)

  2. next book will be this!

  3. Hi, to update you - I finished the book; and if you read it I would love your input on it...don't want to spoil it for you...Wish I could do it every Thursday (@Headpinwwear) but dont read that fast :)....but I do give reviews on my blog if I am really into the book. I also can be found on where I do review all the books I read...There is also a list on my blog on the right hand side...would love you to follow me and input....Another great book I finished is called "Medical Error" by a Dr. Mabry....this wont disappoint you...When the kids were small I didnt get to read much...making up for it now...thanks for following.

  4. I'll have to check this out! If you like books on India and want a thick book, you should read "Shantaram" -- based on a true story and wow, it kept me mesmerized!

  5. Thanks for letting me know you posted a response to me via my Blog!
    I appreciate it :)
    So, I am leaving you a response to let you know I was here also to read it :)
    Thanks so much for the info!


  6. Great book review! It sounds great! I will put it on my 'want to read' list on Goodreads!