Saturday, March 26, 2011

Books, more Books and Loads of Books

I have spent my life reading.  I love books and throughout my many years of living.....I have collected many books.....I love novels, fictions, some biographies and absolutely adore mysteries.  I love the who-done-its and why and trying to figure out the bad guy before the end.......

And in all my years of reading, yes the books were all over the house, in my car and at work.  So I was delighted when I finally received, as a gift, from who else but hubby, my very own Kindle.  Now I have had my Kindle for over a year and have already downloaded close to 200 books.  Imagine if I had 200 books laying around the house!  I think I did at one time.

My favorite thing about the Kindle is the fact that I can finish a book, say while in a doctor's office, and then go right into another book.

Now that I have one I often tell people who ask me "what can I get you as a gift?"  - to please, please get me gift them from dunkin donut cards, to macys and now especially Amazon.......because I can now download more books.

I know many people are not into gift cards.....but recently my daughter-in-law celebrated a birthday and she is a great gift giver.......I couldnt think of anything she needed or would like and then.......

She owns a Nook....another e-reader......and she carries it why not.....and that's what I did....sent her Barnes & Noble gift cards.......and she loved it.....I felt so good that I finally got her something she was thrilled with.....


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