Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BESTeams Feature - YourDailyJewels

Nora Nora...where do I start?  Your store is amazing....unfortunately there are so many beautiful jewels there I can't pick a favorite.......love that you come from the East Coast......well, I am featuring you here to today so that others can take a walk over to your store and maybe help me pick out a favorite.

Well, readers....what do you say?  I surely can't make up my mind.....let me show you some of Nora's work and then tell you about her....

Maybe I like the amethyst earrings......it is my birthstone.......Mmmm....cant decide.  Nora has so many beautiful jewels in her shop, there just isn't enough room on this blog to list them all.  Nora is a physical therapist who uses her knowledge and creativity with jewelry to help the children she is in charge of......

So please check out her Etsy Shop and leave a comment below about your favorite item.  I bet you can't pick one......


  1. What a fun post! Thank you so much for featuring me so nicely. I really appreciate it. I can't pick my favorite either!
    Thank you again:)

  2. One of my favorite items in Your Daily Jewels shop is MARCH BIRTHSTONE AQUAMARINE Gorgeous Gold Vermeil Bezel Set Necklace. It is my birthstone, and today is my birthday!
    All About Cats Etsy Shop
    All About Cats Blog

  3. Happy Birthday Linda...why dont you treat yourself? There were so many beautiful items in her shop....hard to choose.


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