Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BESTeams Feature - Mysticwynd

Mysticwynd......sounds like a song....one that brings up images of warm days, cool nights and restful oasis........

At first I thought it was just another jewelry shop......but after checking out the shop I found myself floating through a sea of beauty.  My favorite (and we all have favorites)....is her Ink Splotch....

I love black and white and these beads just draw me into......well, maybe dancing on a cruise ship.  And with matching earrings....your wardrobe is complete.

What I like most about Mysticwynd is she is so versatile........she can go vintage with this beautiful ring....

or she can go funky with this exceptional choker....

She caters to everyone........and also has a great collection of spiritual items, such as these rosaries....

So, basically what I am saying is that whatever your needs, you will find a choice at Mysticwynd.

Her shop has been around for quite some time and now has 190 items for sale.......check her out before her jewelry is snatched up......I have my eye on that black and white necklace set....What do you see that you like?


  1. Your choice is stunning!
    As for me, I love gardening and flowers, and butterflies, and I LOVE Copper :)
    So, my favorite in Mysticwynds Shop is is the Gardener's Copper Charm Bracelet w Flowers.

    Great feature and photo choices!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Just checked out your shop...love it and now you are in my circle...

  3. Omg!! Beautiful Jewelery and nice look for ring. really its very nice look and amazing this post . Interesting your recently post so thanks

  4. Love the first and second! Great finds.
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment and follows!

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely feature of my shop! I appreciate all of the kind comments :)

    I hope to see everyone visit in the future at my shop and blog - there's always something going on there!


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