Sunday, March 27, 2011


From time to time I will be blogging about my upcoming cruise to Bermuda.  In my anxiousness to go I feel I should learn a few things about this island I will be visiting this summer.

My port is Kings Wharf.....what do I know about it?  Havent got a I will be doing some research and filling my head and yours up with some maybe, one day you will travel there too.

King’s Wharf, better known as the Royal Naval Dockyard, is located on Ireland Island, on the western most tip of Bermuda. Work began on this massive complex in 1809, shortly after the Napoleonic War. Built by slave and convict labor, it was to be a strategic British military outpost, but closed its gates in 1951 when the US military had established a military presence on the island with 2 bases. Since then, the 75 acre site has been renovated to accommodate shops, restaurants, museums, a movie theatre, The Arts Center and the Bermuda Craft Market.

.....and I will be visiting it soon....amazing....a military outpost that turned into a beautiful vacation site.  And they have a Craft Market......oh boy, right up my alley......


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  2. Oh I am so jealous, Bermuda sounds like so much fun! Following back from Mommy's Peanut Gallery :)


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