Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yesterday was my Birthday......

I am not going to tell you how old I am.....but I do have 5 grown children and 6 you figure it out.  Besides I have been told it's only a number.....and since I am feeling good, well forget the number and say Happy Birthday.

I started my day by going to the nail salon......did a little shopping and then  going out to dinner....a nice relaxing my age you cant have a lot of excitement .....

Before we left to go out for dinner, I took in the mail....I received birthday cards, text messages and facebook messages wishing me a Happy Birthday.....they all mean alot to me .... but here is a priceless wish that made me so happy.....well, take a look....btw - bubbie means grandma....

A special birthday card I will cherish is the simple things in life that matter.

Then the doorbell rang before we went out for dinner....and a surprise gift from a co-worker was at my door...

Edible Arrangements....make fruit so delectable.......saving it for today........all in all it was a great birthday......thank you everyone

I also have a whole week off (working in a school pays off) - some doctor visits, some special times with hubby, some visiting to be done ....hopefully the weather will hold up......and will somehow do some housework (not much) and some jewelry making....have to get ready for the BEAD SOUP PARTY this coming weekend......have a great day!


  1. Happy Birthday! May the new year of your life be filled with happiness and prosperity

  2. Happy Late Birthday. I love edible arrangements also Just stopping by to let you know that I got a new
    email address so I am now subscribed via
    and I unsubscribed with
    I didn't want you to think I stopped reading :)

    Having Fun Blogging