Friday, February 25, 2011

Cruise Time

Well, we did it.  My greatest desire has been to go on a cruise.  Never heard a bad thing about it, my kids go on them often, my friends go on them often....hubby said when I retire, we will go on one.  But you know, Man makes plans; and G-d laughs".....and with all the friends that have been passing away lately (one only 3 years after her retirement) I decided to book the cruise and the heck with it.

So, told hubby he is going on a cruise for his birthday......took him to the travel agent.....and we are was that easy....thanks to agent Katia who was so helpful...

Five months from now there will be pictures of our cruise to so excited I dont know where to start....have loads of questions and plan to get a book and start writing...listing all the things I need to bring....maybe I will do some internet surfing to find out what to bring...that's a start.....I am so excited......nothing but water, ships, beach, sun, sand....relaxing............
de-stressing.....ahh, I can feel it snow, no be continued....

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you! we loved our time on Burmuda. The morning glories are weeds over there and they are everywhere and BLOOMs! oh.

    Happy B'day to yur hubby.

    Have fun.