Saturday, February 26, 2011


I got a little ambitious yesterday and decided to clean out closets....I have a china cabinet with three drawers and 3 doors where I stuff stuff.....all kinds of stuff....getting company, stuff goes into the cabinet.  I really dont know what stuff I have....well, not gong to bore you with the loads of stuff I have...some I threw out (dont tell hubby, who saves everything) some I rerouted to their rightful place....and then I organized the rest so that when you are looking for something, it is in the right place. Neat, organized - small things in a box.....looks good.

My question - what do I do with all these????

They are chargers...what do they charge?  I havent got the slightest idea....phones? DSI's? gameboy? I dont know, but if I throw them out, will we be looking for them?  I dont know....

So they are now in a baggie.....sitting in a closet....waiting for a home.  Now here is an idea! Why dont electronic companies put on the chargers the name of the gadget they are for....I know where my Kindle charger is all the time - it actually says "Amazon"  on the charger....and my Kindle comes from Amazon.....What do you do with your chargers?


  1. I toss my things in a box to go to my favorite charity.

    I'm anxiously awaiting your Bead Soup creation! I wanna see what you made! LOL So far everyone is loving the Southwestern Influence that I made from your pendent!

  2. At first glance of the first photo I thought that was your bead sop mix....