Tuesday, February 15, 2011

BESTeams Feature....Chasingthenuns

Sarah’s profile says:

“I hate hate hate writing about myself. It reminds me of the first day of class where the teacher went around the room and you had to introduce yourself. Or that "icebreaker" where you were supposed to take as much toilet paper as you would need on a week long camping trip. I would always take one square and when the group leader said you would need more than that I would say yes, but I've played this game before and that counts as the thing I want to share. I've become everything I never wanted to be, so basically I've become my mother. I've also been told I'm an old soul, that I'm crafty, and a feminist; and I'm sure that many things have been said behind my back that really shouldn't be written here.”

So now that she has overcome this hurdle, her shop shows a whole new side of her.

Her crocheting and sewing is amazing and unique…

Check out this hip bag which is a messenger/hip style bag in a vibrant green striped fabric

This crocheted hat is the cutest ever.  She says this crocheted bucket hat is made out of 100% cotton yarn for maximum coolness in the summer. Button on the front of the hat keeps the brim out of the wee one's face while the ties help it stay on the head.

And these items are so affordable…..She already has 41 users who have hearted her as a favorite (including me)   I might just go back to get that green striped tote bag….

And the most unique item in her shop is this beautiful crochet necklace…..I have never seen anything like this anywhere….so it you want something different…..

She also has another shop run with her friend Charles….www.charlesandsarah.etsy.com
Where Charles does the silkscreen and Sarah does the sewing……but let's talk about that in another blog.....


  1. Nice, u make these items your self ? They look beautiful either way.

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely feature! Oddly enough, I changed my profile recently so it no longer says that.