Thursday, February 24, 2011

BESTeams Feature - Fluttering Flowers

"One summer when I was quite young my grandmother visited and took me to a craft store. While there she purchased these small squares of extremely hard clay called FIMO. Then we went home and she taught me how to make a basic candycane. Wow! Magic!

From that time on the clays got better, softer, (it no longer takes and hour to condition clay, ha ha).
Life got busy and I stopped playing with clay. Well a few years into marriage and my husband surprised me with all kinds of clay, tools, cutters, molds, glitter, etc. I was thrilled. Only to realize that it had been so long that I had a hard time making things like I used to. So now, here I am, playing again. Hoping to share with you and enjoy your talents as well."
The words above are from the Etsy Store of Fluttering Flowers.....  

She describes her store as whimsical, fantasy, fun and silly......wouldnt you like to feel that way.  Well checking out her store makes you feel that way.....and a little bit of fantasy should be in all of us.....There are purple mushrooms and ladybugs, green snails and black spiders.....

 Fluttering Flowers doesnt say where she is from......but she looks like she is going to many she already had 437 sales.


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