Friday, January 28, 2011


Now dont be shocked, but I have never been on a cruise.  I order brochures, I read online and talk to so many people who have been on one, who say it is absolutely great, but I have never booked one.

So I thought today, if I blog about it, maybe, just maybe I will take one.  You see, hubby is not liking flying too much.  But there are cruises that leave out of NY....a no fly cruise.  So I just started looking around, went on the internet, talked to others......and have made up my mind - WE WILL GO ON A CRUISE THIS SUMMER.  Last year I surprised hubby with a weekend trip to a Bed and Breakfast and it was great.  So now I am looking into a Cruise.....

You know that book that says....

well, there is only 1 place I want to see before I die..........that is on and in a cruise ship.  Dont care where its going, as long as it leaves port.....and comes back in a few stay tuned here for updates on my cruise journey - from looking, to booking, to going, to coming back....with lots of pictures.

Lets see ----Norwegian Cruise Lines.....freestyle, balcony, ocean many nights, going many little time.......


  1. I have not been on a cruise and want to so badly...but...there's always a but, I'm scared to death of boats. Guess that takes it out of the equation.

  2. A "Bead Cruise" is on my wish list!


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