Wednesday, January 19, 2011 them and hate them

I just spent quite a bit of time trying to find out where the "comments link" on my blog went.  A wonderful friend whom I did a feature on, All About Cats, was kind enough to email me and let me know that my comments link "disappeared".

I wasnt even aware of this and jumped in and started looking for help (which I couldn't find) and then just thought about what happened to my blog since the last time I was rearranging it.  You see, I like change - and who said you cant teach an old dog new tricks.....So I did some changing and thought that must be it......went into my design and changed it again, and lo and behold, the "comments link" came back.

I love comments and its one thing I would never remove from my blog.  So I say a big "thank you" to Linda for bringing it to my attention......I can sleep tonight without worrying that bloggers are ignoring me.....

Have a great night......


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  1. Good for you for figuring out what happened and being able to fix it! I know what you mean, I love and hate computers too.

  2. Hey there! Glad you figured out the issue. I was also coming by to say thanks for your input on Sofia's Ideas. I replied to your comment on "its nothing personal, its google" so I hope you'll make it back over when you get a moment! :)