Sunday, December 26, 2010


So today I will quietly wait for the blizzard of December 2010.....didn't the Almanac say a mild winter....In fact, I looked it up today and it said rain and mild....where is that Almanac guy?  and who is he....?

So there is plenty of food in the fridge, doing laundry today....will take in the summer chairs and table from the deck.....and then plan to go upstairs and be to get ready for Valentines day and am in a "heart" mood.  Listening to Billy Joel on my Ipod right he's putting me in the mood....will feature my items here first before putting them on Etsy for the New Year.

So have a relaxing day too.....and wait for the snow!

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  1. We are far from a blizzard, but around here it is. We are snowed in because we can't get out of the hollow we live in. Thankfully I just did grocery shopping. I will also be doing laundry today and creative, well I'm going to use my new camera!