Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time for a change

If you are reading this, you have noticed I did a bit of redecorating on my blog.  It's a new year and while the next week or so will be busy, I decided to make the change now.  I guess I couldnt wait for the new year.  I work in a school and will be off now until January to get used to writing that.

So went a little surfing, found some ideas and here I am - a new look.  Hope you like it.....I like change.....and now that I am off.....I will be working on some new ideas for 2011....stay tuned....meantime, if you like what you see - please let me know....


  1. I was so addicted to changing my blog for the longest time. It's been the same for a whole month now...if not more. But now I need to change it. I'm bored with the look again.

  2. love the fencing at the back.. looks like there should be some swings blowing in the wind and a see saw... or maybe a plane coming to land... that would be more suited really a landing strip hee hee
    'Plane' Spotting! xx