Friday, November 5, 2010


Today I would like to blog about something close to my am not a heavy drinker, in fact I could say I don't drink at all, except I do love wine....I was so happy when my son got married in a winery - of course that was two years ago and I no longer have any more bottles of wine from that winery....I did spent this summer at a Bed and Breakfast in Wine Country in Long Island.....I blogged about it before.....Marion, Long Island and we enjoyed our stay and wine country.

But today I found out that there is a winery not too far from the Queens County Farm and they have wine like this 2006 Adriance.......

and even a maze ---- but dont do both at the same time.....While I drink wine, I do not know alot about it so I managed to hook up with Carlo, whose blog will be keeping me informed about all the
East Coast Wineries and hopefully I will learn why I like the wines I like.

....and sometimes soon I will be checking out the Farm.....

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