Sunday, November 21, 2010

What should I write.....

I wanted to create a blog entry today and all of a sudden I got writers block.  You would think I am writing a novel...How come as I drive to and from work, I can think of a dozen things to write about.....but when I sit down in front of my computer - I go blank.

It's not that nothing is happening in my life....I am so busy I dont get to sit down much as it is...wait, what was I going to say?????

Anyway, I decided to do a search "things to write about" and google showed so many things, like,

100 blogs I hope you write about   nope, nothing there for about, A Million things to write about   A million?  really?

And then it hit me...why dont I write about what I know....there are so many things, like my job, my family, my grandkids, my neighbors, my about cooking (oh, dont cook much these days) jewelry, my online business.....the city, the state, the whole country.

So as you can see there are loads of things to write about.....but not right now....I cant think of a thing.......but I will, to rest now....wrote alot!.

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