Monday, November 29, 2010


I spent Saturday shopping.....and still not done.......With Hanukkah next week and Christmas right after, I will be in the stores alot.....Even met some co-workers doing the same...hardly stopped to talk as we were all busy trying to get out of the stores before noon....or was that 1 pm......anyway, we shopped and I have to wrap all the presents.....where did I put the wrapping paper and tape?

But the surprise was that while shopping I saw a winter coat I needed....since losing weight the old one is swimming on that I lost weight I found myself going down 3 sizes already....what a great shopping day I back to wrapping......


  1. Down 3 sizes?! That is awesome !

    Isn't it great to shop for clothes when it's not painful?:)
    I'm no there yet but I intend to be. Tjans for your c
    visit to my blog. Here's wishing you a by-now shopping free holiday season. You are sooo much ahead me!


  2. Arggggh that iPhone!pardon all the typing errors!


  3. HI am now following you from meet me on monday. Thank you for stopping by
    my blog and leaving the wonderful comments ;)