Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quiet Time

I just read Lemons to Lemonade's blog about how often we are doing so much, never enough time to just relax and enjoy the quiet.....and it reminded me of my life with five children.....way into their teens....I not only had them but all their friends.  There was never quiet time in my house.

But, alas, they grew up, moved out and are now making their own noise.  So do I have quiet time?  Like time for reading, blogging, making jewelry .....there is always something to do, shopping, cleaning,.....but all too often we dont stop to smell the roses (we work in our gardens, but do we stop and just relax in them/).....I now have my grandchildren to make all the noise....but they do go there is some, little but some, quiet time here.....but then again we dont want it too there some middle area we can have?  A little bit of quiet and a little bit of noise?  Mmm.....something to think about.

When is your quiet time?

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