Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Pocket Shop

Do you have an Etsy Shop?  Well I do.....and the other day I was just surfing around and came across the Pocket Shop  

What's that? you say.....well, it is wonderful......if you have an Etsy Shop and you blog, the combination is perfect......go to this website and actually make a widget for your blog where your visitors can actually see what is in your shop, who hearts you, your prices (the pictures keep changing) and if they click on the word "buy" it will take you to your shop where you can place that item in the cart to buy.....Amazing....

And the best's sooo easy.  I can usually work these widgets out slow but sure; but this one took all of 10 seconds to do.....and for me thats fast......

So check out mine to the right of this blog or go to the Pocket Shop and make one! 

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