Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To my Fellow Bloggers.....

When I don’t get to go on my fellow blogs because life gets in the way…when I finally do get to my computer I have about 165 blogs to look at….and what do I find?  Too much food and babies…..both of which I love….except that I am on a strict diet, so fellow bloggers you are making that food look sooo good…..and (note to self) I really must eat before I open up your blogs…..and fellow baby bloggers…come on, one baby looks cuter than the next…to bad they don’t stay small….I am not complaining, you must know, as a mother of five I wish there was blogging way back then…..but I do have my grandkids to blog about, so I am guilty of the baby blogging too. 

I do enjoy all the tutorials that I find and all the crafts that I can't do….these arthritic hands can only hold so much…..but the most amazing thing about all this blogging is the VARIETY…so many people, so many thoughts and so many beautiful pictures….so to all my crafty friends, my mother friends and my cooking friends, I say THANK YOU for making blogging so interesting……

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  1. hello bb,

    i so agree with you about food and babies. they both make me hungry, both in wonder.ful ways!

    i totally love your header.



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