Monday, October 11, 2010

Time....where are you?

People must have a lot of time.  I look through all the blogs I subscribe to and find people making crafts for Halloween, for Christmas, and just plain for any reason because they can.  Where do you find the time?  I am only asking because I, for one, just about have time to read the blogs much less follow instructions on “how to make…..”

I admire you and perhaps I am a bit jealous…I run a jewelry shop online and decided because of the long weekend I would have time to actually use the beads I bought two weeks ago.  Yeah, right.  I did straighten my house, then put up laundry and then snuck upstairs while hubby was watching tv.  Ahh, sitting down, bottled water, cell phone (my mistake) and my beads……I should have realized this wasn’t going to work…..

THE PHONE RANG…..daughter needed to come over to use the laundry and along with her the kids and one of their friends… day proceeded to the following….stop beading, make lunch for everyone, snacks for kids, run outside everytime they lost the ball…..which made them more hungry…..whats wrong with this picture….a nice quiet Sunday afternoon did not quiet down until 5 pm……but I did make a few bracelets somehow, a few necklaces… forthcoming…..after I go to  my doctors appointment and check out my blood pressure……

P.S. Not complaining about the grandkids but I do have them all week after school and until 7 pm…..just wanted a quiet Sunday……to do my bead work……tell me, how do you find the time to be crafty?

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