Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday......Rain Again

Let's Just Give It Away  What else to do on a Wednesday then blog around the here we go with Subscriber Wednesday.......and watching the rain........hubby going to a Met game tonight...will it still be on?  as a birthday present from my son......they will be out all night and I will be spending the time with his wife, my daughter in law........but first going to check out the following blogs and follow them

This should keep you busy for the day.....besides, what else is there to do, its raining outside here on the East Coast......


  1. Hello! Dropping in from Subscriber Wednesday - I couldn't find an email subscription option, so I followed you on GFC.

  2. Hi Leigh
    thanks for following and am following you back...subscription? still finding my way around blogging...old dog, new tricks ... anyway checked out your blog and read about -feedburner- and working on that today to get Subscriber up and running, I hope...

  3. Hi. I'm already following you. Thanks for stopping by and following me.