Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Need More Follower - this Blog Hop Tuesday

To-the-TOP Tuesday  Love flowers and butterflies......so stole this button and am urging everyone to follow me....I have 227 posts and only 49 followers, so getting busy following others in hope that they will follow back..

If you dont want to follow me then you must check out Hootiebee where this button came from...if I had to pick a favorite - its Hootiebee and her co-blog, One Little Mister and dont forget Mommy is Crafty .....and Thanks Mail Carrier.....if you are a craft person, enjoy......and if you are looking for great accessories....like headbands, bows and ribbons (wish I had a granddaughter) then check out all her shops - too many to list - but go to Hootiebee's Here and check it out....

Enough on this Tuesday blogging...lots to do today......will check in later.....have a great day.....


  1. Hi! I am following you through TTT; please follow me back.


    nice jewelry!

  2. Hello, good luck with the business, am following along for you so please check out my blog @ http://louandjane.blogspot.com/ Jane:)