Friday, August 6, 2010


friday-follow   Well its friday - my favorite day of the week....even now when I am not working....there is just something about Friday....the weekend, the relaxing....who am I kidding...the weekend is just as hectic as the week....I even get up sleep for the busy.

But also what is great is the blogging that is done here....Love Friday head on over there and get your blogging done before the weekend is over....and it does go quickly.....

going to another cyclone game tonight - is there no end to those games?  but the grandkids love them and we get out into the air (instead of air conditioning) by the ocean, sand and some fun....Have a great weekend all...


  1. Nice blog! I’m following you from Friday-Follow. Please follow me back on my blog “Inspire!”


  2. At first I wondered why a man would want to follow my blog...I think my blogs are very woman-directed....but, when I went to your blog I was completely floored by the beautiful poems there and will definitely follow you. I especially liked your blog about the homeless man - you see, my husband also puts his hand in his pocket for anyone who is in that state of their lives and always says "there for the grace of God goes I"....your insight into your fellow man is delightful.

  3. hey lady! great blog,and beautiful jewelry :) new follower here from Follow Friday :)


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