Monday, July 19, 2010

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

Why is it that summer invokes a laziness....all I want to do is vegetate....of course, thats probably because this weekend was hectic....between my grandson in the emergency room (all is well now) and my daughter in a fender bender with my car (no injuries) - it makes one just want to stop and relax.....before going to the ER we did manage to get some photos at MCU Park with the Cyclone manager, Wally Backman

then it was off to the ER....but like I said - all is well.....Now all I have to do is get juices are not SHOP is not selling so have decided to close  it out.....all items have free shipping and once gone, that is it....

Getting into something new - stay tuned - so might be opening a new shop.....look for it sometime in August....

Am going away for a weekend to just relax and hopefully get my creative juices flowing.....On the way to the Hall of Science with the grandkids now......will  post pictures tomorrow..............have a great day.

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